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Exclusively for retired people. Acknowledging your wisdom. Rewarding your maturity.

*This offer does not apply to existing policy holders. Please be advised that product rates are based on the individuals risk profile*

  • Exclusive short term insurance for retired individuals

    Because you appreciate the finer things in life, you treat your possessions with a level of experience and care that younger people are still learning. This wisdom of maturity and its resultant low-level risk deserves just rewards.

    Forbes 55 Plus is your deserved solution if...
    • You have had insurance in the past;
    • You are not a full time employee (but you can be a consultant or non-executive director of a company);
    • You seek to cover all your assets under one policy - including vehicles, buildings, contents and all risk cover;
    • You are at least 55 years of age

  • Forbes 55 Plus: first prize for responsibility

    The rating of Forbes 55 Plus is expressly designed to reward you as a retiree for your high level of responsibility and low levels of risk.
    This earns you a distinct premium discount when compared to premiums of other insurance products providing the same cover.
    • No basic excess payable.
    • Wider Cover than traditional policies.
    • Up to 40% cheaper than conventional insurance policies.
    You then get further discounts for living in a secure area or taking additional security precautions and there is no basic excess payable when you claim!

  • Further advantages

    • Least exclusions of any policy on the market.
    • Widest range of tailored cover to suit you.
    • Retail value, not market value, payable on motor vehicles.
    • New list price if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered or a write-off (within 12 months from date of first registration).
    • Complimentary courtesy car following theft or hijack.
    • All risks worldwide cover.
    • Up to R50 000 000 personal liability cover.
    • Monthly debit order or annual payment.
    • Accidental damage included in comprehensive buildings cover.
    • Sports equipment insured while in use.
    • Travel advice and cover.
    • Watercraft cover - competitive rates on jet-skis, ski-boats, dinghies, catamarans, yachts etc.
    • Access to specialists in Alexander Forbes Direct for Personal Accident, Funeral and Hospital Cash Plan options.
    • Fast-track claims settlement procedures.

  • Assistance Services! *

    Emergency Service and Referral Assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! (RSA Only)

    • roadside assistance for passenger and 4 x 4 vehicles
    • flat tyre/battery assistance
    • tow-in services to the nearest dealer
    • recovery and repatriation of an immobilised vehicle
    • delivery of 10 litres of fuel
    • telephonic assistance with recovery of keys locked in vehicle
    • 24 hour travel and route assistance in all major metropolitan areas.

    • emergency medical assistance
    • medical response by road or air
    • transfer to a medical facility
    • emotional support and tele-counselling
    • access to Rape Centres of Excellence. Guaranteed hospital admission of up to R5 000.

    • advice on the correct procedures to follow at the scene of an incident
    • dispatching of ambulances and notification of police
    • assistance with repairs and insurance claims
    • towing by an approved towing contractor and storage at an approved panel shop.

    • assistance for out of hours home emergencies, which includes call-out fee and one hour’s labour; burst geysers, broken windows and much more.

    • Various sources report that up to 50% of motor accidents are alcohol-related!
    • The possible consequences of drinking and driving are injury, disability, death, fines, jail time and a rejected claim!
    • Act responsibly and think ahead!
    • Book a driver through Driver Service!, avoid the dangers and enjoy a stress-free evening
    Operates between 18:00 pm and 06:00am • Service operates within a 50km radius of the CBD of Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, East London, George, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Stellenbosch, Pietermaritzburg, Richards Bay, Klerksdorp and Bloemfontein.

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